From post-apocalyptic gangs to cloud wrangling, our music video for Ski Lodge involved numerous challenging shots in which the in-camera VFX were integral to the success of the digital VFX to be added later in post.  We developed unique in-camera VFX solutions to ensure each shot achieved the level of surreal believability we were aiming for.

Production Company: Future Wife

Written & Directed by: Tucker Bliss and Beau Burrows

Producer: Julia Volonts

Director of Photography: Tucker Bliss

Gaffer: Hailee Romain

Programming, VFX, Fabrication: Beau Burrows

Particle VFX: Tom Bourget

First AD: James Koenigsberg

Wardrobe: Colleen Kelsey, Lance Brewer, Nancy Brown

Label: Dovecote Records

Ski Lodge "Boy

Directorial/Creative Technology Development

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